2020 – 2021

8 September — Zoom Member Meeting

Planting Fall Bulbs

Moderated by Mary Ellen Asmundson

Recommended Videos
BotanusTV Episode 26: Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs
Garden Style NW: How to Create Layered Bulb Pots with Plants on Top 

Additional Resources
How to Artfully Add Spring Bulbs to Plant Combos from Darcy Daniels, designer and Founder of eGardenGo
20 Flower Bulbs for Spring Pollinators from Melissa J. Will, Empress of Dirt


13 October — Zoom Member Meeting

Pruning Conifers

Moderated by Mary Ellen Asmundson

Recommended Videos
Plant Amnesty: Pruning Conifers (with Cass Turnbull)
Bressingham Gardens: Pruning Conifers with Adrian Bloom
Ed Hume: Pruning Evergreens (late winter early spring)

Additional Resources
Plant Amnesty website
Gardening with Conifers by Adrian Bloom

From Our Discussion: Recommended Nurseries
Sunnyside Nursery in Marysville
Pine Creek Nursery in Monroe
Bayview Farm and Garden in Langley


November 10 — Zoom Member Meeting

sustainable Gardening

A Tour by Peg Blanchard


December 8 — Zoom Member Meeting & Party


Moderated by Helen McCall


January 12 — Zoom Member Meeting

new plants for 2020 & 2021

Moderated by Helen McCall


February 9 — Zoom Member Meeting

garden design

A Tour by Peg Blanchard


March 9 — Zoom Member Meeting

PLant failures & What not to plant

Moderated by Helen McCall


April 13 — Zoom Member Meeting


Moderated by Peg Blanchard


May 11 — Zoom Member Meeting (or Tour)


Moderated by Mary Ellen