Archived Calendars

2017 – 2018

8 August — Lakeshore Summer Picnic at Carol Baker’s home

12 September — Morning Program: “Drought Tolerant Plants for Sun and Shade,” Richard Greenberg of Earth Wizardry Gardens; Afternoon Program: Garden Therapy

10 October — Tour: Pacific Connections Garden, Washington Park Arboretum

14 November — Morning Program: “Pelargoniums and Fuchsias,” Kevin and Jeanell from Jordan Nursery; Afternoon Program: Autumn foliage note cards with Sara and Violet Cammeresi

12 December — Holiday Party: potluck and gift exchange

9 January — Morning Program: “The Snohomish County Demonstration Gardens,” Master Gardener Raven Travillian; Afternoon Program: Kokedama, Japanese-style hanging garden demonstration and display

13 February — Morning Program: “Pruning and Care of Japanese Maples,” Barry Hoffer of Maples for All Seasons (Joint meeting with the Lake Forest Park Garden Club at the LFP Town Center)

13 March — Morning Program: “Birds in Our Midst—Creating Gardens Filled with Life,” Master Gardener and Backyard Wildlife Habitat Steward Julie O’Donnell; Afternoon Program: Pollinator Projects for NW Gardeners with Penny Fields

10 April — Meeting: Plant Sale Preparations, Annual Dues

28 April — Annual Plant Sale, Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church

8 May — Annual Spring Trip: TBD

12 June — Annual Tour of Member Gardens


2016 – 2017

9 August — Lakeshore Summer Picnic at Barb Petersen’s

13 September — Meeting: “Ferns for Northwest Gardens,” Judith Jones

11 October — Garden Tour of McMenimans with Garden Curator Riz Reyes

8 November — Meeting: “Bats,” Barbara Ogaard

13 December — Holiday Party: potluck and gift exchange

10 January — Meeting: “Roses for the Northwest,” Nita-Jo Roundtree

14 February — Meeting: “Cool Bugs: The Who’s Who of Healthy Beneficials,” Sharon Collman

14 March — Meeting: “Growing Succulents Outdoors in the Northwest,” Karen Summers

11 April — Meeting: Plant Sale Preparations

29 April — Annual Plant Sale (New Location!)

9 May — Annual Spring Trip: Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden


2015 – 2016

11 August — Summer Picnic at Carol Williscroft’s

8 September — Meeting: “Hardy Fuchsias,” Frankie Dennison; “Tool Sharpening,” LSGC member Mary Ellen Asmundson

13 October — Meeting: Guided tour of Bellevue Botanical Garden

10 November — Meeting: “Using Color in Winter Gardens,” Pat Roome, Master Gardener and Landscape Designer; “Flower Arranging,” LSCG member Carolyn Erickson

8 December — Holiday Party: potluck and gift exchange

12 January — Meeting: “Pruning Small Trees and Shrubs,” Christina Pfeiffer, Author and Gardening Professional

9 February — Meeting: “Native Plants for the Garden,” at Molbak’s Nursery

8 March — Meeting: “Growing Vegetables,” Martha Clatterbaugh, Master Gardener; Garden-Themed Craft by LSGC members Sara and Violet Cammeresi

12 April — Meeting: Plant Sale preparations at Judy Edinger’s

30 April — Annual Plant Sale

10 May — Annual Field Trip: Old Goat Farm

19 May — Tour Miller Botanical Garden

TBD June — Lakeshore Member Garden Tour